Ad Intelligence • April 2023

Forrester says we give you a competitive edge and save you money

Forrester's Total Economic Impact study found that companies who used Sensor Tower experienced 2.77x return on their investment and saw four key benefits. Discover the benefits and how our market intelligence can help you.

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App Intelligence

App Insights from the EMEA Market

Featured in this month's Roundup: Discover how Shein and Temu lead in European fast fashion through effective digital advertising. Explore the growing fitness app market, Ticketmaster's international expansion, Amazon's UK ad strategy, and ASDA's app success over competitors.

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Investor Insights

How Investors Use Mobile App Intelligence

In this eBook, we unveil the transformative role of app data in today's investment landscape and how top investors are leveraging it to out-perform the market.

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Investor Insights

App Insights from October

Featured in this month's Roundup: Explore YouTube TV's NFL Sunday Ticket acquisition, Retail Media Networks, the EV advertising boom, Prime Big Deals Day, Netflix's success, and the impact of Reels on META.